HASP SL - A Deeper Dig

Author Potassium
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Description In my previous tutorial on HASP SL (6.41.95) I demonstrated how to easily find the OEP, dumping and rebuilding of the target application. The main goal of this tutorial is to do a little more in-depth analysis, how to manually bypass the anti-debug feature and finding out what version you
are dealing with etc. Also this tutorial includes a flash-movie of the manual handy work described in this tutorial. Dodging the anti-debug, finding OEP, dumping and rebuilding. All done in about 2.5 minutes!

Edit: This new version of HASP SL - A Deeper Dig features some new info on the encryption, anti-dumping and how to inline patch it.
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Date Sunday 03 June 2007 - 05:16:04
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