LZMA vs LZMA2 vs WinRAR64

Author Teddy Rogers
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Description With the weather being bad today and having some hours to kill (watching some movies) I decided to check out the new LZMA2 (64-bit) compression which will be included in the up-coming 7-ZIP v9 release. You may ask why version 9 and not 4, I think it is to reference the year it will be released. Please correct me if I am wrong :)

I also decided to compress the same files using the up-coming release of WinRAR64. It has an improved and updated compression engine to support more modern multi-core and multi-threaded CPU's, instructions and memory. It all sounds promising on paper but can this old yet updated compression algorithm really stand up against its more modern counterpart?
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Date Saturday 16 May 2009 - 10:56:32
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