ZProtect 1.4.x HWID + Inline Patcher v1.1

Author LCF-AT
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Description It is a script to patch a new HWID in two ways in your target. Just a normal temporary patch and it can also patch the new HWID permanently in your target with a large inline patch which I have written. It also supports even to find and patch a new CRC DWORD which you always need if you manipulate a packed ZProtect target. I divided the script in three steps which you can choose. Just follow easy 1,2 and then 3. Don't change the created session file before you finished all three steps. All infos will be read by the script so you don't need to enter anything on the inline patch so all works automatically. You just need to add three new imports and add a new section so for this you have to use LordPE (for the Imports) and the sec add tool.
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Date Sunday 27 June 2010 - 13:46:32
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