OllyMigrate 0.90 (x64_dbg)

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Description This plugin make it possible to pass debuggee to another debugger without restarting (like VM live migration).

Each debuggers have both strong and weak points compared with others.

We can get only strong point of each debuggers by debuggee migration, e.g. Using OllyDbg to bypass antidebug and detect OEP, after that using Immunity Debugger to fix obfuscated import table.

Very simple overview: OllyMigrate = Debuggee live migration plugin


- OllyDbg version 2 plugin interface supported
- IDA Pro Retail and Freeware version plugin interface supported
- WinDbg plugin interface supported
- Migrate debuggee between OllyDbg1, OllyDbg2, Immunity Debugger, WinDbg and IDA Pro
- Multi thread and suspended thread aware (running state not required)
- Migrate software breakpoint settings (keep enabled/disabled status)
- Migrate selected address of disassemble, memory and stack window
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Date Friday 16 January 2015 - 12:57:10
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