xADT eXtensible Anti-Debug Tester 1.4

Author Shub Nigurrath
Author website
Description The tool is thought to be an unique extensible platform for integrating all the anti-debugging tricks you might see around, using an unique extensible interface you also might easily extend. The tool is useful to test the hiding features of the debugging tools and custom loaders as well as the hiding of any other reversing tool: see how well they're hidden or not. The second advantage is to finally have an unique testing program and to not have hundreds of spare tiny programs. The easiness of adding new external tests, writing new plugins is also one important feature IMHO, which finally frees the author of new anti-debugging tools to concentrate on the logic of the test without having to spend a single second on its user's interface.

Do you think your Olly is well hidden? Try this tool from Olly and all the possible hiding tools around, up to today there's always one test which detects Olly!
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Date Saturday 27 September 2008 - 15:03:33
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