Category Files Size Downloads
Cryptography Tools
Nice collection of tools to aid in crypto analysis...
38 28.63MB 100388
Debuggers / Disassemblers
Useful debugger and disassembler engines...
24 126.33MB 572857
Binary / Registry Patchers
Various binary and registry patch engines plus process patchers...
9 2.83MB 44996
Binary Analysis / Editing
Collection of binary scanners and file editors...
21 24.93MB 270558
IAT / PE Rebuilding
IAT and portable executable rebuilding...
21 4.26MB 153422
Miscellaneous Tools
Un-categorised tools and utilities placed here...
8 5.23MB 53086
Portable Executable Tools
Portable executable editors and modification tools...
11 9.27MB 34997
Process Explorers / Monitors
Process explorers and monitoring tools...
9 1.71MB 16817
Resource Editors
Modify the resources and structure in a portable executables...
5 2.77MB 21071
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