TMG Ripper Studio 0.03

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Description This is a tool for converting a small part of a program into assemblycode that you could paste into your own sources. In other words, it makes recoding of GenerateKey-calls an easier task. The program takes either a fileoffset or a virtual address as input and starts to disassemble from that point. When a conditional jump is reached, it branches and follow both directions. It also follows unconditional jumps and traces calls... The trace-engine has some limitations, though. . It does not follow jumps and calls with register or memoryoperands. For example, this won't be followed:


Currently, no MMX- and no SSE-instructions are supported either. The generated code is assembleable with MASM. TASM-users might have to do some changes to it before trying to assemble it.
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Date Monday 11 September 2006 - 05:53:35
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