OllyDbg - CiM's Edition

Author Esp!oN Le rAvaGe
Author website
Description Not exactly sure what modifications have been made to this modified Olly version other than the obvious edition of new icons, modified layout, colours and About logo. It also contains a collection of the most commonly, and usefully, used pluings plus a wealth of Olly scripts found here on Tuts 4 You.

As to the Olly engine, I'm not sure what has been changed but I'll welcome anyone letting me know so that I can update this description.

The following is from a text file located in the original archive distribution and by the author of this modified engine:

If you wanna work with this modified version of OllyDBG, please don't Add it to menu in Windows Explorer. To do : run "CiM's.exe" then F3 to chose the target file. Else you wont be satisfied by the result of the analyse (it may also crash)...

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Date Sunday 24 December 2006 - 03:33:14
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