Multiline Ultimate Assembler 2.3.1 (1)

Author RaMMicHaeL
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Description Multiline Ultimate Assembler (formerly MUltimate Assembler) is a multiline (and ultimate) assembler (and disassembler) plugin for OllyDbg. It's a perfect tool for modifying and extending a compiled executable functionality, writing code caves, etc. General: - MUltimate Assembler is a multiline (and ultimate) assembler (and disassembler) - To disassemble code, select it, and choose "MUltimate Assembler" from the right click menu - To assemble code, click the Assemble button in the assembler window Rules: - You must define the address your code should be assembled on, like this: <00401000> - You can use any asm commands that OllyDbg can assemble - You can use RVA (relative virtual) addressess with a module name, like this: $module.1000 or $"module".1000, or $$1000 to use the module of the address definition (e.g. <$m.1000>PUSH $$3 is the same as <$m.1000>PUSH $m.3) - You can use labels, that must begin with a '@', and contain only letters, numbers, and _ - You can use anonymous labels, which are defined as '@@' and are referenced to as @b (or @r) for the preceding label and @f for the following label - You can use C-style strings for text and binary data (use the L prefix for unicode) Example:

	NOP ; This is a nop

	"Hello World!\0"
	; L"Hello World!\0" ; for unicode

	PUSH @str
	CALL @print_str


	RET 4 ; TODO: Write the function
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