PPC Altivec Plugin 1.6.6

Author Xorloser
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Description PPC Altivec Plugin for IDA v5.6 which adds support for special instructions that are used by some PPC based devices. This was originally written by Dean Ashton and then updated by Takires. This is useful when disassembling Xbox360 and PS3 binaries in IDA as they utilise these special instructions that are not supported by IDA's built in PPC disassembler module.

Support added for the instructions: attn, lwsync, ptesync, tlbiel, tlbie, tlbi, slbie.

Also added support for the SystemSim “callthru” instruction (should this even be used outside of a simulator?) and lastly an instruction that I cannot find any information about. The hex value is 0×02002000 so for now I have added this instruction as opcode_02002000 so that it will at least disassemble to code and can therefore be treated as code.
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Date Wednesday 17 February 2010 - 11:56:06
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