Imports Fixer 1.6

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Description Imports Fixer (abbreviated to IF hereafter) has been specifically created to assist in the process of rebuilding and reconstructing portable executable files found in memory. IF has been designed to rebuild imports for Win32 Portable Executable and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL's). With IF one can dump a "running" executable to disk even after cutting away unwanted sections or after including the allocated memory blocks of your choice in the dump (which is very useful when dealing with redirected API's). IF allows you to easily reconstruct a new Image Import Descriptor (IID), Import Array Table (IAT) with ASCII modules and function names. IF can rebuild section tables even in the case of cut sections or allocated memory blocks dumped as new sections. With IF you can edit the Optional Header Data and edit the sections.
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Date Wednesday 06 October 2010 - 11:13:20
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