VMProtect 1.xx - 2.xx Ultra Unpacker v1.0

Author LCF-AT
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Description After a long time I have decided to write a completely new VMProtect unpacking script. I checked older and newer VMProtect files which I found to create a new script which can handle all versions. After a long time of writing and testing here is my finished work, now and I am very proud of my latest "masterpiece" if I can call it so. This time I really tried everything to create an "All-In-One" script so that you as user have almost nothing to do anymore except to take a choice if the script asks you anything and that is all in the best case. So it will be very user-friendly again. No dumping no fixing no section adding no PE validating! All these steps are handled by the script automatically. Good for you [bad for me with that lot of extra work] but anyway, so I did it with joy.

VMProtect Ultra Unpacker 1.0
( 1.) Advanced OEP Finder x2 [Intelli Version]
( 2.) AntiDump x4 Redirection & Dumper
( 3.) Auto API Scanner [Value & System]
( 4.) VM API Redirection
( 5.) VM API Re-Redirection to API
( 6.) API Log & Find [Import Table Data]
( 7.) Import Table Calculator
( 8.) Advanced IAT Creator [No Import-Fix necessary]
( 9.) Target File Dumper + PE Rebuilder
( 10.) Advanced Section Calc & Adder
( 11.) Resource AntiDump Code-Patcher
( 12.) Heap AntiDump Patcher
( 13.) TLS Callback Remover
( 14.) Auto Dump PE Rebuilder
( 15.) Exe & DLL Support [NO VMP DLL Box]
( 17.) ASLR TLSC & Reloc Cleaner
( 18.) CPUID & RDTSC Scan [Fix Manually]
Environment : ARImpRec.dll by Nacho_dj - Big Special Thanks :)

DLL is used to get:
API Names | Ordinals | Module Owners by Address

I also created four videos for you so see how to use the script and what to do in special situations if the script does fail to find the OEP or API LOGGER so you will see all what you need to know to get it working. I also included the the UnpackMe's into the package for you. Just read the text files which I wrote and see the videos first before you start. So I think that you will like the script and that my work on it was not in vain.

If something not works for you or if you get any trouble or have any questions etc then just post a reply in the support topic to get a answer.
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