BinaryCopyEx 1.1.0

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Description BinaryCopyEx is a plugin for OllyDbg 2.01 debugger. The plugin allows to extend the OllyDbg capabilities. Now binary code can be copied with following syntaxes:

- Hex Values
- Assembler
- C/C++
- Pascal
- Basic
- Binary As ASCII String
- Binary As Unicode String

Also binary code can be copied with following data types:

- Byte
- Word
- Dword
- Qword


- Extract BinaryCopyEx.dll in OllyDbg plugin folder.

Main features allow:

- to select vitual memory address/address range directly in CPU Pane (Disasm, Dump or Stack panes)
- to enter vitual memory address/address range in window manually
- to copy binary to clipboard (according to selected format: syntax, data type, etc.)
- to save binary to text file (according to selected format: syntax, data type, etc.)

Some format features allow:

- to set items (byte, word, dword, qword) per line
- to set leading zero (if it is necessary)
- to split items by any characters (also spaces, tabs and etc.)
- to swap bytes of items (word, dword, qword)

Some plugin options allow:

- to create toolbar button on startup (default is on)
- to change toolbar button offset (position in toolbar)
- to switch on/off flashes (messages) in the OllyDbg info line when vitual memory address/address range is selected
- to change text file extention (default is .txt)


- Use ALT+Q to open BinaryCopyEx window
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