PinMe! 0.8.8

Author Teddy Rogers
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Description PinMe! started it's life some years ago, under a different name, as a plugin for OllyDbg to allow me to set specific windows to TopMost (pinned to desktop screen) whilst debugging. Eventually it became it's own independent program after more features and feature suggestions were added. As of version 0.6 PinMe! is capable of window and region captures including desktop captures, both background and foreground. Captures can be obtained across multiple monitors and screen configurations.

PinMe! is supported on the following Windows operating systems; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Support for legacy operating systems below Windows 7 was dropped beginning with PinMe! v0.8.5. If you wish to use PinMe! on these legacy operating systems please use PinMe! v0.8.4.

Features of PinMe!

- Setting windows to TopMost / NoTopMost (pinned / unpinned) to the desktop screen
- Enabling a SuperPin window, a single window that remains the most foreground window at all times
- Changing and setting window transparency / opacity levels
- Window captures, screen captures and region captures
- Desktop captures, both foreground and background
- Window statistics (whilst mouse is hovered over the tray icon)
- Basic window information such as dimensions, styles, etc.

Release History / Changelog


+ Added support for language files, refer to ReadMe.txt
+ No longer UPX compressed to discourage AV false positives (sigh...)

- Corrected capture of WM_MOUSEWHEEL scroll events
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Date Saturday 17 June 2017 - 19:13:33
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