The Immortal Descendants (1997 - 2001)

Author The Immortal Descendants
Description The Immortal Descendants started out as members of an IRC group on called "Deadmen.Society" way back in 1995. As we gained skills, we realized that there were better, and more productive ways to spend our time. We (TR0YB0Y, Volatility, Raven, Mortis, Yakuza) left the Deadmen.Society and formed a new group, with new principles and theologies under the name "Immortal Descendants". Our goal for this new group, was a collective for friends to learn, and showcase their talent together.

Things were good for awhile, but people lost interest, and three of the founding members, Yakuza, Raven And Mortis disappeared. TR0YB0Y and Volatility kept things running for a while, but eventually "REAL LIFE" caught up with them. March 1998, The Immortal Descendants Were No More.

...Seven months later... Volatility signed back online, and regained interest while looking through the old site. What you see now, is a "re-birth" of the Immortal Descendants. We've come a long way since the old lame IRC group days, to become a premiere knowledge group.

Update 10-23-2001.
Sadly as interest waned, The Immortal Descendants have moved forward onto other endeavors. Treasure this knowledge, expand on it, be inspired to share your knowledge with others.
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