Recent Additions

PinMe! 0.8.8 by: Teddy Rogers
PECOFF Revision 11.0 by: Microsoft Corporation (2011 - 2015) by:
The Immortal Descendants (1997 - 2001) by: The Immortal Descendants
A Proposal For a Stateless Laptop by: Joanna Rutkowska
Characterizing Loops in Android Applications by: Yanick Fratantonio, Aravind Machiry, Antonio Bianchi, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
Context-Sensitive Analysis of Obfuscated x86 Executables by: Arun Lakhotia, Davidson R. Boccardo, Anshuman Singh, Aleardo Manacero Jr.
Looking Inside the (Drop) Box by: Dhiru Kholia, Przemyslaw Weegrzyn
Obfuscation Code Localization Based on CFG Generation of Malware by: Nguyen Minh Hai, Mizuhito Ogawa, Quan Thanh Tho
Offensive Techniques in Binary Analysis by: [ Various Authors ]
Symbolic Execution of Obfuscated Code by: Babak Yadegari, Saumya Debray
Translingual Obfuscation by: Pei Wang, Shuai Wang, Jiang Ming, Yufei Jiang, Dinghao Wu
The Memory Sinkhole by: Christopher Domas
Reassembleable Disassembling by: Shuai Wang, Pei Wang, Dinghao Wu
Mass Surveillance by: European Parlimentary Research Service
ArkDasm 1.1.0 by: CyberBob